About Sun + Daughter

Do you feel refreshed after a hike in the woods? Does the scent of citrus or lavender lift your spirits? Are spring flowers a sight for sore eyes? Might your skin enjoy nature too?

Bring earth’s offerings into your daily life with Sun + Daughter skincare. Engage with nature to pamper, protect and nourish your skin. Not only are Sun + Daughter products healthful they will delight your senses through beautiful color and design, emollient oils and butters and fragrant essential oils. Our face oils and lip balm attend to the delicate skin of your face, softening and soothing while smelling divine. Each ingredient contains nourishing vitamins, antioxidants, and soothing properties adding up to a product with some serious plant power.

Sun + Daughter soaps are decadent and creamy, gently cleansing and moisturizing and never harsh. Smelling intoxicatingly delicious, they are so appealing to the senses that upon viewing many people say they want to take a bite!  At Sun + Daughter we work with nature crafting skincare of the highest quality, cultivating healthy and lovely skin, and bringing beauty to and enjoyment of life’s daily rituals.