Sun + Daughter is the love creation of me, Christine Witmore, and began in my kitchen in Greenville, SC in early 2016 though it had been brewing in my heart for much longer. I’ve been a creator ever since I was little, although my fascination with natural living took hold of me six years ago. Reading everything I could get my hands on together with working in the herb and natural food industry, I was opened up to a whole new world. I developed a passion for plants and creating my own herbal remedies and skincare products. It was my husband who encouraged me to start a natural skincare business. It made perfect sense!

I call my business Sun + Daughter to reference our relationship with nature. The sun is key to life on earth and without it, we wouldn’t exist. Sun + Daughter enables you to engage with the natural world in your daily life though plant gifts from the sun and earth. 

I have since relocated to Alexandria, VA where you can find me happily blending oils and making soap. 



Creator, Owner and Operator